Paul E Mason

Curriculum Vitae
Representative Cases
Articles on Arbitration and Mediation


Representative Cases

  • Mediated complex multi-party US$ 50 million dispute between eight multinational oil companies and U.S. state regulatory body in the environmental sector, reaching full settlement (1983).


  •  Arbitrator on three-member AAA International Panel with Willem Vis for arbitration between Spanish and American companies in the product distribution sector (1986).


  • Sole arbitrator for AAA case in IT sector between U.S. companies in dispute over performance and compatibility of customized software (2017).

  • Mediated dispute from the U.S. courts between Russian and British companies in the aerospace sector, reaching settlement to divide their lines of business (2017).

  • Sole arbitrator for ICDR cloud computing case between Canadian and U.S. companies bifurcated in two stages (2015 - 2016).

  • Sole arbitrator for ICDR medical technology case between South American and U.S. parties (2016).

  • Arbitrator on three-member panel under CPR Rules in $70+ million health care financial dispute (simulation contracted, 2016).

  • Arbitrator on three-member AAA panel in dispute between Chinese and U.S. parties over intellectual property rights in personal care products (2015 - 2016).

  • Arbitrator on three-member AAA panel in telecom dispute between Caribbean entities over high-speed internet data bandwidth access rights (2013 - 2014).

  • Sole arbitrator in AAA case over airworthiness of fighter aircraft to be used for U.S. government military contract (2014 - 2016).

  • Sole panelist in four ICDR new domain name extension string confusion cases (2013).

  • Arbitrator on three-member panel of the Brazil - Canada Chamber of Commerce/São Paulo in M & A dispute between Brazilian companies.  Arbitration is entirely in Portuguese (2012).

  • Arbitrator on three-member AAA panel in IT outsourcing dispute between two large American multinational corporations (2012).

  • Mediated dispute in ICDR arbitration between Central American travel company and U.S. charter aircraft company, successfully reaching a settlement to restore companies' business relationship (2011).  

  • Mediated dispute between Russian and U.S. companies in shipping sector, successfully reaching a settlement to preserve companies' ongoing business relationship (2010).  Mediation conducted primarily in English with some Russian and Ukrainian language documents.

  • Arbitrator on three-member ICC tribunal for arbitration between Brazilian and American companies in sophisticated wood products import, sale & distribution case (2009 - 2010).  Included witness testimony and documents in Portuguese.

  • Arbitrator on ICDR panel for arbitration between Mexican-owned and American-owned companies in telecommunications sector (2010).

  • Mediated complex multi-party energy/reinsurance dispute in ICC arbitration with companies from Central America, Europe and the U.S. (six countries, 12 participants). Bilingual mediation conducted in English and Spanish. Full settlement achieved (2009).

  • Sole Arbitrator in ICDR case involving corporate re-organization and distribution contract in aerospace industry, with companies from the U.K. and U.S. (2008 - 2009).

  • Panel Chair in AAA Complex arbitration with claims & counterclaims of US $ 37 million in reverse merger financial sector dispute with companies from China and the U.S. (2008 - 2009).

  •  Sole panelist in WIPO/Geneva intellectual property/internet domain name cases with Australian, Brazilian, British, Bulgarian, Canadian, Caribbean, French, German, Indian, Italian, Korean, Russian, Scandinavian, Spanish, Swiss, Ukrainian, and U.S. parties, with over 50 domain name decisions since 2001, including a 2012 Brazilian case conducted in Portuguese.

  •  Counsel in ad hoc arbitration using AAA Rules with Honduran – U.S. parties in sports marketing case (2008).

  •  Mediated M&A dispute in ICDR arbitration between large U.S. oil multinational and Brazilian mining corporation relating to post- merger & acquisition liabilities for environmental and tax issues.   Bilingual mediation conducted in Portuguese and English.  Partial settlement achieved (2007).

  •  Arbitrator on ICDR Panel with Brazilian – U.S. parties in financial services industry (2006).

  •  Sole arbitrator in ICDR case with Panama – U.S. parties in steel manufacturing and distribution case (2006).

  •  Sole arbitrator in ICDR case with India – U.S. parties in IT outsourcing case (2006).

  •  Mediated U.S. Federal Court/Miami case with Argentine – U.S. parties in reinsurance sector.  Mediation conducted in English and some Spanish.  Full settlement achieved (2006).

  •  Arbitrator on ICDR Panel with Canadian – U.S. parties in medical technology industry (2005).

  •  Lead counsel in LCIA arbitration with Norwegian – Brazilian parties in offshore oil exploration case, UNCITRAL Rules (2005).

  •  Counsel in ICDR mediation with Brazilian – U.S. parties in energy project finance industry involving issues of compensation for ex-President of Brazilian subsidiary of U.S. energy multinational (2005).  Full settlement achieved.  Played active role by suggesting mediation and further suggesting international mediation by videoconference when the executives’ schedules did not allow for an in-person session.  This was said to be the first successful international commercial mediation using videoconferencing.