Paul E Mason

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Representative Cases
Articles on Arbitration and Mediation


Representative Cases

  • Mediated complex multi-party US$ 50 million dispute between eight multinational oil companies and U.S. state regulator in the environmental sector, reaching full settlement.


  •  Arbitrator on three-member AAA International Panel with Willem Vis for arbitration between Spanish and American companies in the product distribution sector.


Sole arbitrator in AAA case between major players in the e-commerce industry

Sole arbitrator in ICDR case between Swedish and U.S. parties over Dutch-Swedish debt-to-equity conversion and stock swap valuation

Sole arbitrator in AAA case between U.S. companies over customized software compatibility with banking client project 

Sole arbitrator in ICDR case between Canadian and British-American companies over loss of data in IT cloud computing services

Arbitrator on Panel in $70+ million health care and financial auditing simulated arbitration under CPR Rules, parallel to the actual arbitration which was proceeding at the same time

Sole arbitrator in ICDR case between South American and North American parties in medical equipment sector over performance of the equipment

Sole arbitrator in AAA $MM case between American contractor and subcontractor over airworthiness of aircraft for U.S. military contract

Arbitrator on AAA Panel in $20M dispute between Chinese and U.S. companies over IP rights and unfair competition in marketing and distribution of personal care products

Arbitrator on AAA Panel in $30M+ dispute between Caribbean entities in data communications sector over high-speed bandwidth rights and tax incentives

Arbitrator on AAA Panel in $30M dispute between two U.S. multinationals over IT outsourcing project performance

Arbitrator on Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce Panel (CCBC) in $5M dispute between Brazilian and U.S. parties over M&A and compliance in petrochemical sector (in Portuguese)

Arbitrator on ICC Panel in $5M dispute between two Brazilian companies over import, sale & distribution of construction products, and related IP rights. Witnesses in Portuguese and English

Arbitrator on AAA Panel in $MM licensing dispute between U.S. and Mexican owned companies in telecommunications sector 

Sole Arbitrator in AAA $3M case between British and U.S. supplier and distributor over corporate reorganization and procurement of aircraft parts for major aerospace company

Chair of AAA Panel in $39M dispute between U.S. and Chinese companies in financial services (reverse mergers) sector

Arbitrator on ICDR Panel in $1M dispute between Brazilian and U.S. parties in financial services sector over brokerage commissions 

Sole Arbitrator in ICDR $1M dispute between U.S. and Indian companies in IT outsourcing sector

Sole Arbitrator in ICDR $1M dispute between Panamanian and U.S. companies over manufacture, purchase & sale of large quantities of steel

Lead counsel in LCIA arbitration (UNCITRAL Rules) of $MM dispute between Norwegian and Brazilian parties in offshore oil exploration sector over loss of revenues from drilling leak and spillage

Counsel in ICDR arbitration of $MM dispute between U.S. sports marketing firm and Central American soccer federation over broadcast rights to World Cup qualifying matches.

Arbitrator on AAA Panel in $2M dispute between Canadian and U.S. parties in medical laser technology sector over control of company 


Panelist for over 50 WIPO domain names cases in a wide variety of sectors.  Parties from Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia and Ukraine.  Documents and decisions in English, Portuguese (for .br cases) and Russian.

Sole panelist in four ICDR new domain name extension string confusion cases 


Mediator for $2.6M ICDR arbitration between Brazilian and Central American companies in the produce distribution sector (negotiations ongoing). 

Mediator for $MM ICDR arbitration between Japanese and U.S. parties in the personal care products marketing & distribution sector. 

Mediator for $3M Florida state court case between British and Russian companies in the aviation sector (settlement accord reached).

Mediator and co-mediator for several disputes between Brazilian parties in residential construction and family matters (in Portuguese, settlements reached).

Mediator for $3M ICDR arbitration  between U.S. and Brazilian companies over M & A in oil & gas sector involving environmental and tax liabilities. Bilingual mediation conducted in English and Portuguese (partial accord reached). 

Mediator for $1.5M U.S. Federal Court case between Argentine and U.S. companies in reinsurance dispute on government bid performance bond. Mediation in English with Spanish (settlement accord reached).

Mediator for $5M complex, multiparty ICC arbitration between Central American electric company and Swiss reinsurer over damage claims to large sophisticated power generators (settlement accord reached, bilingual mediation in English and Spanish, 11 participants from six countries).

Mediator for $1.5M ICDR arbitration between Central American entity and U.S. travel service company over charter flight to 2010 World Cup (settlement accord reached).

Mediator for ad hoc dispute between U.S. and Russian companies over shipping of large quantities of foodstuffs (settlement accord reached, business relations preserved, documents in Russian and Ukrainian).

Counsel for ICDR arbitration between Brazilian executive and U.S. energy generating company over executive compensation for attaining project finance goals.  Settlement reached with first ever international mediation conducted via videoconference. 

Mediated numerous internal disputes between international business groups as in-house counsel for major multinational IT company.